Welcome to Cambridge Consulting.

We are a management consulting practice offering planning, management and organizational development services that help donors achieve change through philanthropy.

Our purpose is to help donors construct a bridge that will connect them and their resources with viable partners and beneficiaries. We help foundations and individual philanthropists effectively communicate their goals and vision, organize simple and effective structures for giving, handle administrative details, and position themselves for the long term. In doing this, we draw on our background in family business management, business consulting, and non-profit management.

Our services range from initial creation and start-up of a private foundation or charitable giving program, to strategic planning and transition planning. In addition we are able to accommodate the administrative needs of donors by providing administrative support as well as short term consulting. In addition we offer organizational development and strategic planning services for non-profit organizations.

Cambridge Consulting serves donors and others interested in philanthropy to make a strategic impact. Our services are tailor made to your needs and objectives. Our clients needs have ranged from helping established private family foundations clarify their mission statement and giving program to working with individuals during an estate planning process. In addition we are equipped to coordinate legal and financial advisors through the foundation establishment process and in daily management.

In all that we do, our concern is to keep philanthropy personal, compassionate, and focused. For this reason, we tailor our services and fees specifically to each client's needs.