Effective philanthropists start with a clear, compelling purpose and an organizational structure that fits their personal needs and style. Cambridge Consulting is committed to making sure each client has both.

A Mission Statement articulates the donor's purpose or vision, aids in the setting of goals, and provides a basis for making choices about what programs to support and what not to support. A simple, effective Mission Statement is the first step in creating a giving strategy.

Donors desire differing levels of involvement in achieving their vision. Some donors want very general oversight of the giving program, while others desire in-depth partnership with donor organizations. By choosing the right organizational structure, a donor guarantees not only that the destination will be reached, but in the way that he wants to reach it. Choices include whether or not to create a formal foundation, how the giving program will be governed, and the role of the Trustees or key decision-makers.

Cambridge Consulting helps donors develop an appropriate structure for giving, file necessary documents, and reach consensus on governance issues.

A foundation active in multiple areas -for example, the environment and the arts- may experience conflict between Trustees, which, if unresolved, could lead to paralysis or loss of focus. We would help develop groundrules for giving, a common understanding of how these parameters serve the Mission and the goals, and clear roles for Trustees.